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On September 24, 2023, the (Un)Common Precedents Agora II International Symposium co-convened by Dr. Federica Goffi (C R | P T | C Chair), PhD Candidates Isabel Potworowski and Kristin Washco (C R | P T | Coordinators) was concluded by the music performance Sounding the Precedent, led by Carleton Professor Jesse Stewart, based on a drawing/score by architecture student Nikki Sond (Bachelor of Architecture Studies, Carleton University). In this video Carleton Music students Noah Braganca (acoustic guitar) Lee Zalzalah (baritone saxophone) and Peter Kuhl (trumpet) preformed together with Jesse Stewart (waterphone percussion) based on a projected animated version of the score. The score is composed of overlapping mylar sheets. From the top to the bottom, sheets are played from forte to piano, respectively. Each sheet can be oriented in four different ways. Music is read clockwise beginning at 12 o’clock. 








The drawing-score by Nikki Sond was created in the context of an (Un)Common Music/Architecture Workshop organized through a collaboration between Dr. Jesse Stewart, Dr. Federica Goffi and Isabel Potworowski, PhD Candidate. In this workshop at the ASAU, Carleton University (Fall 2022), first year architecture students were invited to create representations hybridizing between a musical graphic score and an architectural drawing. Such drawings lean more towards the abstract nature of a musical graphic score (whilemaintaining spatial elements), or towards conventional architectural representation (such as plans or sections). Whether it is musical or architectural, the drawing-scores were designed to be interpreted musically by an ensemble of up to three musicians.

This performance was complemented by the (Un)Common Workshops Exhibition, which took place from September 22, 2023 to October 6 2023, in the Lightroom Gallery of the ASAU, Carleton University. 

Nikki Sond.png

Drawing-score by Nikki Sons created in the context of the Music-Architecture (Un)Common Workshop curated by Jesse Stewart, Federica Goffi and Isabel Potworowski, Fall 2022.

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