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SOLLERTIA  journal is a forthcoming biennial peer-reviewed, academic publication that explores the history and theory of architecture in relation to the widening and narrowing context of the present architecture practice–to question its nature, relevance, and contributions.

SOLLERTIA journal is edited by doctoral researchers at the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism at Carleton University. Each thematic issue is the result of the coming together of scholars, and emerging scholars through the practice of debating and sharing research that symposia offer.

Every two years, an open call for abstracts is issued under a theme developed by the editorial team. Peer-reviewed papers, as well as creative work, are selected for publication in the journal. The first issue of SOLLERTIA journal will be published in winter 2021. 


For updates, call for abstracts, and events, join the CR|PT|C mailing list here.

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