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InterVIEWS read- continues the research agenda begun with the publication of InterVIEWS: Insight and Introspection in Doctoral Research in Architecture (Routledge 2020). The podcasts broaden the survey of doctoral programs and research approaches pursued around the world, documenting the range of contributions to research in architecture, urbanism, conservation and design research.


Faculty, PhD and MAS students foster discussions on the nature of architectural research to probe into the relations between history, theory, design, and practice. The questions engage in discussions about the individual and institutional approaches to research in a –one to many–interviewee/interviewer(s) setting. 


While our intent is to reach out to five programs each year, we welcome suggestions that will help us in broadening the geographic and cultural focus of doctoral programs.


The interviews are transcribed from the audio recordings and edited. They are retrievable in chronological order.



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