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March 4 2021              [48 min]


Dr. Philip Ursprung

Professor of the History of Art and Architecture

Director of Research

Department of Architecture

ETH Zürich, Switzerland



Interviewers in order of participation:


Federica Goffi CRIPTIC Chair, PhD & MAS Program Co-Chair ASAU, CU

& Marco Ianni PhD Student ASAU, CU

Isabel Potworowski PhD Student ASAU, CU



In –InterVIEW/LISTEN 4–Dr. Philip Ursprung, the Director of Research at the Department of Architecture, at ETH Zurich, was invited to offer insight into the history, research approaches and areas of knowledge contribution in the Doctoral Program in History and Theory of Architecture, Architecture, and Technology (2012), and Landscape Architecture and Urban Studies (2020) at ETH Zurich, in Switzerland. He commented on his role in the Board of Directors of the PhD in History and Theory of Architecture, and how he initiated the two programs, which are unique in Switzerland, in collaboration with his colleague Philippe Block in 2011. He commented on how the GTA Archives, the GTA Verlag publishing house, GTA Exhibitions, and GTA Digital impact doctoral work at ETH. He discussed the role of exhibitions as a site of experimentation in developing and disseminating doctoral research.


During the second part of the interVIEW, Dr. Ursprung offered insights into his own research. The series of questions addressed areas including, research with the Future Cities Laboratories where he serves as the Principal Investigator of Tourism and Cultural Heritage; the human and non-human relations and the concept of the Anthropocene; the necessity for the continuous review of the premises of scholarship through historiography; the representation of capitalist versus socialist space, in relation to the representation of industrial and immaterial labour—a topic which he affirms “remains a blindspot in representation.”

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