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March 11 2021              [2 h + 41 min]


Dr. Mark Dorrian

Forbes Chair in Architecture

ESALA Edinburgh College of Art

University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Interviewers in order of participation:


Federica Goffi CRIPTIC Chair, PhD & MAS Program Co-Chair ASAU, CU

& Warren Borg PhD Student ASAU, CU, 

Damiano Aiello PhD Student ASAU, CU

Marco Ianni PhD Student ASAU, CU

Serkan Taycan PhD Student ASAU, CU



In –InterVIEW/LISTEN 6–Dr. Mark Dorrian, the Forbes Chair in Architecture, at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA, The University of Edinburgh), was invited to offer insight into the history, research approaches, and areas of knowledge contribution in the PhD program in Architecture and the PhD by Design. About 90 students are enrolled in the four PhD programs at ESALA at any one time. 


Dr. Dorrian was also invited to offer insights into his research. The series of questions that follows deal primarily with his 2015 book Writing on the Image: Architecture, the City and the Politics of Representation (I.B. Tauris), which brings together selected essays developed over a period of ten years (2004-2013), organized under fields of interest such as –elevated vision, cloud architecture, atmospheric politics– interacting with several disciplines. He commented on his notion of a-disciplinarity in architecture research and a desire for openness in theoretical questioning. The interview constitutes a deep reflection on themes related to architecture and the city, within the larger context of the politics of representation. Dr. Dorrian concluded the interview affirming the inescapable centrality of questions relating to the politics of representation today, stating that all knowledge is mediated in some way by it.

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