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January 22 2019


Dr. Joy Sen

Architecture and Regional Planning

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Kharagpur India




Federica Goffi CRIPTIC Chair, PhD & MAS Program Co-Chair ASAU, CU

& Rana Abughannam PhD Student ASAU, CU

Nicolas Arellano Risopatron PhD Student ASAU, CU

Pallavi Swaranjali, PhD Candidate, ASAU, CU

In –InterVIEW/READ 1–Joy Sen, the Head of the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur), introduced the history of the Architectural PhD program founded in 1970, and its different research areas from urban planning, regional planning, urban design, to architectural engineering. The program hosts about fifty PhD students at any one time, contributing to research in architectural theory, design semantics, design semiotics, cultural mapping, cultural landscapes, ecological landscapes, etc. 


Sen was invited to discuss his role in the PhD program and the elements which make the program unique in India. He discussed the research approaches pursued by the students and the program's collaborations with other universities in Japan, Australia, and the US. Delving into his own research, Sen discussed his motivation for undertaking the publication of A System's Evaluation for Global History of Indian Architecture (2016) addressing questions about the importance of writing a global history today, as an open project.

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