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Architectures of Hiding

SSHRC Research-Creation Support Material

1. Symposia

Grant applicant Dr. Federica Goffi has extensive experience in hosting and organizing symposia. She has co-organized two of the four Frascari Symposia. In 2019,  Dr. Goffi co-convened the latest Frascari Symposium titled The Secret Lives of Architectural Drawings and Models with Dr. Mary Vaughan Johnson. 

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Frascari Symposium IV: The Secret Lives of Architectural Drawings and Models

Symposium booklet

Frascari Symposium IV: The Secret Lives of Architectural Drawings and Models

Excerpt from Symposium 

2. Exhibitions 


Grant co-applicant Dr. Monica Patterson has curated several exhibits based on her research. From April 15-16, 2016, Dr. Patterson led a two day workshop on Decolonizing Curatorial Pedagogies, organized and hosted by Thinking through the Museum project team. The “Thinking through the Museum: Difficult Knowledge in Public” is a SSHRC-funded Partnership Development project which brings together researchers, curators, artists, and community members seeking new terms of engagement for learning from histories of violence and conflict. 

Grant collaborators Rana Abughannam, Pallavi Swaranjali, and  Émélie Desrochers-Turgeon have been involved in multiple exhibitions. Over the past decade, the grant collaborators have taken multiple roles with various exhibitions in Canada and abroad. They have been involved in curating and designing exhibitions, writing the text for exhibitions, production of technical drawings for fabrication, and supporting the post-event documentation. 

3. Publications

Dr. Federica Goffi is the author of Time Matter(s): Invention and Re-Imagination in Built Conservation (Ashgate, 2013). Dr. Goffi has co-edited Ceilings and Dreams: The Architecture of Levity (Routledge 2019).  She is also editor of Marco Frascari’s Dream House: A Theory of Imagination (Routledge,2017) and of InterVIEWS Insights and Introspection on Doctoral Research in Architecture ( Routledge,2019).

Dr. Monica Patterson is co-editor of several articles and two books: Curating Difficult Knowledge: Violent Pasts in Public Places (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) and Anthrohistory: Unsettling Knowledge and Questioning Discipline (University of Michigan Press, 2011).